10 tips on making a Video for Web

Videos are very popular and easy to share to other people. Most people like to watch videos that are visual and they are very beneficial for a business. However, knowing what should be in the video and how to portray it can be quite hard. Read these 10 tips on how to create a successful video for a business.

  1. Tell a story- Utilize the power of the video by appealing to the customers’ needs and desires. Be original and keep it short.
  2. Sticky beginning- Having a good beginning that sticks the viewer from the beginning is a successful video. The viewer is more likely to finish watching it if the first 10 seconds keeps their attention. Less is more and more likely to remember it.
  3. Inspiring title- Having an eye-catching video title grabs the viewer attention to click on the video. Keywords in the title will help the video show up on search engines.
  4. Don’t focus only on the product- Portraying a positive message using emotions or a moving story when selling the product instead of just blurting out facts of the product.
  5. Cell phone friendly- Cell phones is commonly used when watching videos. Having it available on cell phones makes it easier for the viewer to share to other viewers.
  6. Good Description- Create a well-written description to go with the video that has relevant keywords that help boost your video in search engines. Add your company’s web address for even more exposure.
  7. Informative Content- Advice, information, tips on certain things can be added into your video. An informative video can also be effective but ensure you don’t bore the viewer.
  8. Add some JAM!- Music is very powerful when watching a video, just imagine watching your favourite movie without music it wouldn’t be as effective. Music evokes emotions on the viewer.
  9. Good Voice- Having someone on camera who is excellent at public speaking and who is comfortable on camera increases the professionalism of the video.
  10. Quality of the video- When having a professional film your video it gives a professional quality to your video due to them knowing key factors like lighting, camera quality, angles and location.

So there you have it. Ten tips on how to create a successful video. Now go forth and create!