About Us

We're Weird

They might call us strange, weird or even quirky, but to be honest – we really don’t care what THEY say (oooh – controversial.) We’re a small team of nerds, geeks, sport, music and coffee lovers who are extremely passionate about the work we carry out for our clients.

We won’t bore you to death with useless information about how long we have been around and spout all the usual clichés about customer service and so on and so forth. Can we do the job? HELL YES! If there’s something we don’t know, we find out. It’s in our DNA to constantly ask questions and improve on what we think we know.

Square Holes & Round Pegs

There is no cookie cutter approach to what we do. Every single client has unique requirements, and this is how we approach everything we do, with a unique perspective. There is a time and place for us to implement tried-and-tested solutions, but this is becoming the exception, rather than the norm.

We listen, think, plan, then implement. What makes us stand out from the crowd is that we don’t rip people off. Our pricing is affordable. Too good to be true? Not really. We have a real big problem though, and that is that we are too bloody honest for our own good and we won’t suggest something that isn’t necessary to the success of a campaign.



LIKES: Star Wars, Good Food, Learning new things
DISLIKES: Driving, Rude People, Clutter



LIKES: Dessert, Avatar, Balance & Harmony
DISLIKES: Slow Internet, Youtube Ads


LIKES: Love Hugs, Controversial Topics, Cosmos Flowes
DISLIKES: Seafood, Cold Weather, Also YouTube Ads



LIKES: Marvel Movies,Coding, Video Games, and Animals
DISLIKES: Coffee without Sugar, Green Tea, Cycling, and Silence


The End

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Chanel R

LIKES: Drawing, Dancing, Chocolates
DISLIKES: Cold Weather, Rude People, Creepy Crawlies