Design and Your Business

Business Designs

Is your company vibrant, driven, spiritual or corporate? Did you know that you can convey the core message of your company to clients, simply through the colours/designs you utilize? It’s all about association!

The human mind is an intricate, alluring and incredible piece of art. It sees and interprets hidden messages through shapes, sizes, colours and font. The same is true when it comes to marketing your business to potential customers.

Imagine walking into a spa, welcomed by bright red walls with flaming decals. Feeling serene and calm?
Imagine walking into law firm, welcomed by pink and green chairs, yellow walls and pictures of rainbows. Some things just don’t fit.

When it comes to the success of your business and reputation, your design company’s knowledge should stretch beyond borders and attractive icons. Your logo, business cards, brochures or any other marketing material will only sell products, if the design sells to the customer.

At Dart Digital, we take care to understand and gain knowledge of the values, mission and vision of our clients. Only after we embark on vigorous industry research, do we brief ideas for client designs. We take shape, shading, colour, size and relevance into account and assess how the design work will appeal to the chosen target market.

Our motto? Simplistic, stylish, stunning. But our focus remains on relevancy, professionalism and reputation.

For advanced design excellence, to activate, brand or stimulate your products/services, contact the Dart team and we’ll come out for a free consultation and brief.