We live in a difficult but inspiring world. A designer’s biggest problem is having inspiration. I speak from experience when I have no inspiration, NOTHINGS gets done. I took to my keyboard today to help you deal with this issue at hand.

Sometimes you need to leave your desk. Go observe people in the street, watch a film, read, go make coffee and think about the conversations you had with people. Daydream. Give yourself plenty of time to do nothing. Hard work isn’t always productive. Your brain needs periods of inactivity. Keep harvesting and the crops won’t mature.


It doesn’t always have to make sense. Personally, in the past, I tried to make everything look perfect and have the information correct and in order, but sometimes people don’t want order. That design element you have done in the background of a poster that has no meaning or makes no sense can be so intriguing that it starts conversations.


Don’t restrict yourself to your own medium. It’s very important for inspiration to go elsewhere. Talking to people who aren’t involved in the art can help. It is just as possible to be inspired by a filmmaker, fashion designer, writer or friend as another designer. It’s useful to get a perspective on what you do by talking to all sorts of different people. Cross-pollination makes for an interesting outcome.

Don’t try to second-guess what clients will want to see. Successful designers have stuck to their ideas because they have shown people something they hadn’t imagined. If clients all knew what they wanted before it had been made, they could have made it themselves.

C2_Pencil Vs Camera - 66 (Ben Heine)

Don’t be afraid to scrap all your hard work and planning and do it differently at the last minute. It’s easier to hold on to an idea because you’re afraid to admit you were wrong than to let it go. Personally, I have designed something I don’t like and I made different versions around that concept trying to make it better and it made me frustrated. Eventually, I took a breather and took a different direction and came up with the one really good concept which I was proud of.


Sometimes good ideas don’t always come to you. Being a designer is a bit challenging sometimes and we have to go that extra mile. At least this way it’s more rewarding when you hit that mark you need to hit. Get ideas by referring to my first tip or go online and look at some art.

surreal photoshop art digital design world in a lightbulb

Sometimes your environment gives you inspiration. What we do is we have music playing in the background for our minds to stay active and when am at home I have the tv on. I don’t get that distracted easily but if you are like some other designers I know you might want to work in a quite environment to stew in your own thoughts. Depends on how your mind works. Adapt to how you are and everything will come easier.


Every other person is different and is in different situations. It all depends on how you get things done. These tips are just some guidelines to what may or may not help depends on what’s happening. What I can suggest is that there is this Facebook page we follow that has some great tips and design ideas for people. They provide new content every day and sometimes that alone can even inspire inspiration. They are called “graphic design junction”.