Getting to grips with the iPhone 6

My Apple iPhone 6: By Mark Roberts

Hey Guys and Girls, I would just like to tell you about my experience of having the new Apple iPhone 6.

I always thought that SAMSUNG was the phone to have….. Clearly I was wrong, this phone has it all, style, comfort, response, functionality, sound, picture quality and so much more.

Positive News

The screen quality on the iPhone is phenomenal! I watch all my videos and movies in full HD and wow it looks really great. The security on the Apple iPhone is a fort Knox on its own, People tried password generator hacking systems and still no luck what so ever.
The battery life on the phone is pretty good, Its not like the old Nokia 3310 that could last for a week and a half, but after 1 ½ days of consistent use and then only dying, I think it really needs a standing ovation. Considering you never leave the phone alone because there is just so much you can do on the iPhone.

The iPhone 6 has a great camera; it takes a video or photo in full HD so that you can view it on any platform you like without it looking rubbish.

The sound on the iPhone is awesome its sounds like a Mini Club when I play my music, and nooooo its not bass dropping, ear popping loud but for a small phone it really has nice clear sound. You “might” even get the same experience from using the Samsung S5 & S6. But honestly and it’s just me saying this, the iPhone has the best sound system than any other mobile device on the face of the earth.

The other thing I like on the iPhone is that it connects and loads to the internet a lot quicker than any other phone I know, even when I try to go on the internet or downloading games there isn’t any delay.


Negative News

And now the bad news about the iPhone 6, I don’t like the round edges it has, it makes it very difficult to hold without a cover and DAMN its sensitive. You swear you’re holding a fragile glass the whole time, one drop and GAME OVER……

The other thing I don’t like is that it has a glass screen… Yes I know it’s for the image quality and and and, but seriously the glass on this phone is so fragile and scratch sensitive, if I didn’t get a Tempered glass lens I would probably not be allowed to wear jeans anymore…

What irritates me the most is that when I find a game that I really like and it’s bigger than a 100MB you need WI-FI to connect to for it to download, WOW that can really spoil my gaming mood.

A Message from Me to Apple

Well done guys you managed to pull off it again. Great work…… BUT the only thing I would suggest is that maybe you guys should look into getting the glass tempered so that we don’t have to spend hundreds of rands to protect our “Baby”, just make the glass screen a bit tougher then it would have been a 9 /10 from me but now I will have to give you guys a 7.5/10 which is really great.

My Advice to the Public

Ok now its time for me to give you “the public” some advice, If you guys are doing a desk job or is on the road the whole day “like me” then I suggest the phone to get is the IPhone 6, BUT If you work in construction or your an engineer then I would suggest you get one of these bad boys…

Cat iPhone cover

This thing is not from this world.

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