Link Building Strategies: How To Get Other Sites Linking to You

There are a number of link building strategies used to get external websites to link to yours:

  • Content Creation & Promotion – Create compelling content that people will want to reference and link to, and tell people about it.
  • Submissions – Submit your news to press releases, submit your site to directories, etc.
  • Reviews & Mentions – Put your product, service, or site in front of influential bloggers.
  • Links from Friends & Partners – Get people you know and people you work with to link to your site.

There are several other resources that will offer you more extensive and granular lists of ways to get links, but there are two main issues with all of these tips and tricks for developing inbound links to your website:

  1. They take a lot of time – Building out quality content and developing links from parties who may be interested takes a long time. It also requires certain resources: good copywriters, man hours to dedicate to the promotion of your goods or services, etc.
  2. They’re dependant on external forces – You’re reliant upon sites you don’t control. This means you’re unable to have a say in the quality of the linking page, the words they use to talk about your product, or the specific pages on your site they link to.