Magnify Your Message

Magnifying your message refers to broadcasting your business to multiple media platforms for a bigger audience to see and this will result in a bigger client reach. The sad truth is if you are not a big company with a recognized brand, your target audience will not be aware of your business. Trying to get your message out there can be quite hard for companies if you do not market it properly.

In today’s digital era, technology has changed to be more advanced, so old marketing methods don’t really apply to the target audience anymore. The audience prefers to be on their digital devices for easier and more convenient access to information, e.g. social media has become one of the biggest marketing channels in our current day and age. Using these social platforms as a method of reaching your target market can “BOOST” your company’s recognition.

The Four Pillars of Digital Marketing are as following:


Social media has the ability to broadcast to a wider range of people and it is a more cost effective method and marketing your business correctly with these channels, can “magnify your message” perfectly.

Case Study:

We have done a case study on one of our clients to show the impact and target reach that social channels have on your business. Below is an info graphic detailing her business growth using social media as a broadcasting platform:

  1. A small female owned business that sells pre-packed lunches.
  2. Her goal is to sell these lunches through online ordering and bring awareness to her brand.
  3. A single Facebook post promoting her products has reached over 108 000 people after the post was boosted.
  4. Over a period of 3 months it has generated 800 comments, 2400 responses and 180 reaches.
  5. Because of this, she has gained 43 new customers which adds up to R24 510 in incoming value.
  6. Her entire campaign cost was R3 200.00 but her return on investment (R.O.I) was 656%.In conclusion, magnifying your message will help the recognition of your company, and help your target audience to grow significantly larger.