Marketing and your business

Business Marketing isn’t easy, in fact it takes time and effort, heaps of both. A simple solution for an answer we don’t know, 5 letters, 4 colours, ask and it will show. The new term for translation and assignments, a massive knowledge pit! Seeking the mystery and history of the world? Simply Google it.

Elderly or young, this generation or the next, we have all been affected by the rise of the Online World. With the transformation of knowledge and socialising into online sensations, marketing on the internet has never been more important.

According to a study done by a Canadian University, Digital marketing has revolutionised since 1985. Marketing has shifted from billboards and magazine ads, to paid and organic online marketing. Statistics have shown that an astonishing 62% of marketing costs are cut when it’s done online, yet, incredibly, it brings in three times as many leads as traditional marketing.

Most effective forms of Marketing

According to a sales and marketing report done by Infusionsoft in 2015, marketing strategies that proved to be most effective were word of mouth and referrals, organic and paid online marketing and Social Media Marketing. The least effective forms of marketing proved to be magazine adverts and television/radio broadcasts.

Dart Digital’s Marketing strategies and practices are centred around the most progressive forms of marketing. We develop and expand our methods annually, so as to ensure that our clients are marketed relevantly and according to the newest trends. Our three-phase marketing method takes aim on a single, prevailing objective; brand association, which equals sales and referrals.

Dart achieves brand association by stimulating the online presence of a brand/product. Read more about our three-phase strategy here. Our practices and are carefully calculated and based on sound theories, to ensure the online success of our clients.

If you are in a competitive industry and not sure how to market your company effectively, contact us for a free consultation. Dart Digital has a variety of Marketing packages specially formulated to suit your financial and business needs.