Print and brands

Print and Brands

Corporate Identity

The term “corporate identity” simply refers to the personality or the reason for being, of a company. Print and Brands. The image reflected by the corporate identity is what makes the company identifiable and different from the rest, and it also determines the company’s prominence in the business world. Corporate identity plays a major role on promoting a company on a large scale.
When starting a company, the first and probably most important aspect to consider is the branding thereof. Your company logo is the core of your corporate branding structure, and your corporate identity is the visual means by which your prospective clients or other business owners recognise the products or services you have to offer. Your logo, on its own, says as much of your company as the entire corporate identity which consist of letterheads, business cards and fax sheet – to name but a few. Your corporate identity could even be seen as a marketing tool every time you send out a letterhead, fax or email – all with the same design making them a unity.

The next step would be your website design. The look of your corporate identity would be the key element when it comes to your website and its design. Any company’s branding consists of a colour scheme that runs through the entire brand, creating a general and well-established look and feel linked with your product or service. Therefore the look of your website would share the design of your stationery.
Most design agencies charge an incredible amount of money for the research, conceptualisation and execution of your brand identity, but we can do all this and more at a price that you can afford. We are your one-stop design agency for all corporate branding needs. We take great pride in delivering top quality prices at remarkable turnaround times.

Logo, Letterhead and Business Card Design

The “WOW” factor – Dare to be different. First impressions are critical, and the truth in this never fades. Don’t settle for something as boring as plain type on paper when you can have a real stand-out design that separates you from the pack. We master the art of striking visual design and our creativity knows no bounds. The card’s design, message and finishing will ultimately determine whether your business card gets thrown in the trash or if you have a new client.

Functionality – your corporate branding is possibly the most effective direct marketing tool you’ll ever use. Even with the ever-changing trends and technology taking its ground, corporate branding is as important today as it was years ago. Not only does your branding reflect who you are, it is also the first piece of marketing material your clients will see. Promoting your business offline has never been as easy as simply handing out a business card.

Less is more – Simplicity equals excellence. A simple yet elegant design can go a long way to carry your message across in the most effect way possible. We use white space and strategic placing in our designs, removing any possibility of clutter or excess design elements, ensuring that your message is easily absorbed the way it was meant.

Brochure Design

A good design can be defined as getting what you need. But why settle for “good” when you can get the BEST? That’s why we have re-defined the concept of great design by taking design to the next level. Whatever size the brochure needs to be, we are dedicated to give you only the best of treatment and care. We assure 100% satisfaction with the quality and service we offer.
Brochures are primarily designed to be used as a marketing tool in order to advertise a company’s products or services. When getting your brochure designed, keep in mind that your brochure needs to tell the full story about the services or products that you offer. Therefore you need to insure that your brochure gets the correct message across, in order for it to sell your company’s products or services.
We supply any solutions you may need, ranging from the initial planning and concept development, right down to the printing of your final product. We custom design your brochure to your exact specifications. Even if you’re not quite sure of what it is you’re looking for, we guarantee a design that will blow you away and impress your potential clients. Let each page in your company brochure perfectly represent your products or services.

Flyer Design

Our designers here at Dart Digital are experts when it comes to designing professional quality flyers that help you reach out to your target audience, spreading your company name and message. Whether you choose to go with a double sided or a single sided flyer design, your flyer design should be done in such a way that it should immediately attract the reader. And of course it should be so impressive that the person reading it should instantly make a mental note about your company, service or flyer rather than just seeing the flyer and throwing it in the dustbin.
Every company looks for the most affordable ways to bring in new business as well as to reduce expenses of advertising. The days of flyers being boring and looking cheap have long gone. We can create appealing and professionally designed flyers for any purpose, capturing the attention of potential clients with our effective flyer designs. With a team of creative members and our ability to add flair to any design, we are sure to amaze you with a design that’s everything but dull.

Other Services

As a full-house design team, we are in the position to create wonderful designs and assist you with vehicle branding, pop-ups, banners as well as any other signage needs you may have. Give us a call or complete the enquiry form below, we’ll be in touch with you shortly.