Rosemary Clark

The company was referred to us and they needed a new logo that represents what they do. Between emails, we have shown them concepts and they fell in love with this one.

Renier Roets

The company is just starting out and they needed a corporate identity and they came to us. His requests were that it had to look dark and classy but also mysterious. So we came up with an elegant looking logo and then his business cards and corporate folder we kept as simplistic as possible but

BBG (Big Brand Group)

Our company is a partner of the BBG. BBG needed a Corporate Identity to kick off with and also because it is a growing company so we will be doing more branding for BBG in the future. BBG needed a classy logo that was simplistic but spoke volumes. After the development of the logo, we started

Tshedza Compliance

The company needed a corporate Identity because they just started out. They were referred to us and we were given the instructions on what they wanted. After some planning, we came up with there corporate branding and they liked the concept. When the process was finished they were pleased.

DPP Energy

Our client came to use for more design work. He wanted to start another company called DPP Energy. He needed a corporate identity and we were happy to help. After explaining what the company does and what colours he prefers we started the design process. We have created a logo and an email signature for

Hip Culture

The client wanted a new design for his shirts that he wants to sell. He wanted something eye-catching and amazing. Taking some time drawing all of our ideas out he fell in love with the design displayed here.

Anvil Auctioneers

The client needed a logo and was referred to us by one of his friends. The client came in for a discussion and within a day we produced a few ideas for him and he was very happy with one of the options. We are currently working on more artwork for him.

My Reply

This company required a brand identity because they just started up. We were referred to them and we started the process of designing. The client wanted a simple logo that represented what they do. The client wanted to go for a drawn sketch look which we have done and he fell in-love with it. Afterwards, we have

Tri – Anagram

This company was sick of their old logo and wanted an updated look that plays more on the name of the business. We decided to go a direction where the logo is more of a font based logo and then it has one emblem that everybody will recognize. Their name is Tri – anagram so I

Luhle International

The company just started and desired a great fantastic corporate identity. They have heard about us by word of mouth and gave us a call. The brief was detailed and we took a swing at it but when we showed them the results it turned out that they didn’t know what they wanted. They left the

Hired Out

This company just started and needed a corporate identity. They specialise in renting power tools and other heavy machinery. After we designed the logo and decided on the colour scheme (she wanted a vintage look) we moved on to the rest of the company’s identity. She was ecstatic about everything and can’t wait to have


This company is the sole distributors of AWS atmospheric water generators in Africa, South-Africa and Australia. We have designed them a Logo, a Brochure and business cards. They are very pleased with the end result as it really captured the natural feel they were after.

Conveyor & Industrial Supplies (CIS)

The client needed a new logo for his company because he wanted something new and simple. The client chose this design because he was really pleased with what we came up with.

4me logo

4me Logo 4me is a group product of TCG. The Client needed a logo that can be reconsidered as well as used for all their different products

Voodoo Ink Logo Design

Voodoo Ink Logo Design Client wanted a friendlier and clean looking logo to get away from the normal logo you would find for a tattoo artist.


Sure2write Logo

Sure2write Logo Sure2write Logo Brief: The client was looking for something striking and easy to remember as a symbol to go with his old logo’s font.

MedWyze Logo

MedWyze Logo Medwyze logo: The client wanted a clean and corporate logo with owl eyes as a symbol of them looking over their clients.

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Template structuring

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