Dart Digital

Our company profile needed to be updated because we moved and our partners have changed. While we changed the content we thought of updating the look too.

Brand expert – Bental

Our regular client (Brand Expert) needed a few designs done for their client Bental. They needed painting that could be printed on a large scale to be displayed in Mandela square. After searching for images that weren’t copyrighted for this purpose we photoshopped them to be more to the clients liking and we replaced some

Bee Tee Projects

We have done email signatures for this client in the past and now they needed a new website design and they also needed a letterhead. Using the same elements we used in the email signature we have built them what they required and they are thrilled with the design.

Renier Roets

The company is just starting out and they needed a corporate identity and they came to us. His requests were that it had to look dark and classy but also mysterious. So we came up with an elegant looking logo and then his business cards and corporate folder we kept as simplistic as possible but

Pencil Inn

Brand expert had this client for us, she needed a brochure to hand out to her potential clients. We only had a little information to put in the design and very little pictures. I spent some time on resourcing and photoshopping some of the images but it all worked out in the end because she

Regan Van Rooy

Brand Expert had this client that needed new brochures for the company. Through emails and telephonic calls we had a concept to present to the client, some changes were made and then the brochures were perfect.

Brand Expert

One of our partners has this client that required stickers to stick on their perfume and cologne bottles. After a while, we got it all finished and had all the new names on the stickers. They were printed and ready to go.

Jay Schwenk Photography

This is a family member of our director and he needed a new look for his business cards for his photography business. He sat down with me and we designed it together. It was fun designing these business cards. He was very happy with the outcome of the cards.

CIS Conveyor & Industrial Supplies (PTY) LTD

This client of ours has been with us for a long time. We have done a lot of work for him. We are currently working on his new website and we have been doing his social media. Some of the artwork we have on display in the picture is some of the work we have

BBG (Big Brand Group)

Our company is a partner of the BBG. BBG needed a Corporate Identity to kick off with and also because it is a growing company so we will be doing more branding for BBG in the future. BBG needed a classy logo that was simplistic but spoke volumes. After the development of the logo, we started

Leadership Cafe

This client was referred to us by another client we have. The client already had a corporate identity, she trains people as a profession and needed a manual and a textbook designed for her to hand out to her clients. After having meetings with her and the copywriter we came up with an amazing concept.

Tshedza Compliance

The company needed a corporate Identity because they just started out. They were referred to us and we were given the instructions on what they wanted. After some planning, we came up with there corporate branding and they liked the concept. When the process was finished they were pleased.

6 Million Steps

This client has a big adventure in front of him. He is doing a charity event in America and he needs sponsors so he came to us and asked us to design his proposal document for him. After having a few meetings and getting the colour scheme right we designed this document for him. He was

Fast Track Coaching

The director of our company coaching a cricket team for kids called Fast Track Coaching and he wanted to do a favour for one of the kids there. We designed stickers that can be printed and placed on one of the cricket bats.

Bush Whisper

This client has used us before when it came to designing work. For one of the companies she owns, she needed a video to take with her to an expo to put on display for potential clients and she needed a big banner to display the company’s details and the logo on, the banner had


This is a company that has a charity event every year and they heard of us by word of mouth. We had a couple of meetings where we worked together and came up with the concept that they wanted. We did all the design work for the event and they were thrilled with the results.

Open Door Interior & Brand Expert

This is some of our partners in the company and their businesses. All their artwork is done by us and they needed some advertisement boards. By using all the artwork we have done for them in the past and a list of services, we designed a board for both of the companies that will be

Newspaper adverts

Our company’s director coaches cricket for Fast Track Coaching and his children have a school newspaper that gets handed out time to time and our director thought it was a good idea to place two adverts in that newspaper. One for our company and one for Fast Track Coaching.


This company wasn’t happy with their old brochure so they came to us and they needed a few things done (artwork). We designed a new brochure for them from scratch with all the right colours and input and they were very pleased with the end result as soon as it was finished. After seeing what

Hip Culture

The client wanted a new design for his shirts that he wants to sell. He wanted something eye-catching and amazing. Taking some time drawing all of our ideas out he fell in love with the design displayed here.

Blossom Tree

A client of ours wanted a blossom tree designed so that she can print it and place it on a window in a house. She showed us an image that she more or less wanted it to look like. Spending some time on it we drew her an image that she fell in love with

Luhle International Letterhead

We are still in the progress of helping this company with their brand identity and they needed their letterhead urgently. Starting off with a few simple options they were keen on mixing some of the options together. After spending some time on the design they loved the final outcome.

Building Signage (Brand Expert & Dart Digital)

It was about time that the building we reside in has some signage of its own. We partnered up with Brand Expert that will print the banners for as long as we advertised their details as well. We designed two boards for outside the office and we are all really excited about it. I am personally

Hoodie Design (Brand Expert)

Brand Expert received a request from a client for a design on a Hoodie. The client wanted to give this hoodie as a gift and requested that we design the Punisher logo on the hoodie (front and back). Took a few days to draw but when the design was finished it was presented to the

PNA Banner (Brant Expert)

We partner up with Brand Expert a lot when they need design work done. This was for her client PNA. PNA needed a banner that had to go outside of their POP-UP store. They also required 2 posters; one in the POP-UP store and one in their regular stores. The POP-UP store artwork had to

Tri – Anagram

This company was sick of their old logo and wanted an updated look that plays more on the name of the business. We decided to go a direction where the logo is more of a font based logo and then it has one emblem that everybody will recognize. Their name is Tri – anagram so I

Massyns Corporate Folder

This company was expanding so they thought they needed a bit of an updated look on some of the designs. We were referred to them. We designed a corporate folder that had the same elements as the email signatures we have previously created for them. They said that we have exceeded their expectations.

Unite For Change

This charity needed something to give to potential clients to get in contact with them in the future so they decided on business cards to hand out. They already had a design idea in mind and described it to us. They were very pleased with how quickly we got the business cards done for them and they

Hired Out

This company just started and needed a corporate identity. They specialise in renting power tools and other heavy machinery. After we designed the logo and decided on the colour scheme (she wanted a vintage look) we moved on to the rest of the company’s identity. She was ecstatic about everything and can’t wait to have

RB Business services & Training

RB Business services & Training is an accounting company that urgently needed business cards. The client wanted plain and simple. The brief was minimal: white background and a splash of colour. Her expectations were met and exceeded. In the process, she needed a logo to go with the business card. After a meeting and a

Hip Culture

The client is a very religious person. He sells embroidered caps and has asked us to design him the word “blessed” in a nice style to embroid on multiple caps for him to sell. He was very pleased with the outcome.

Canvas Aesthetics

Our client was so pleased with our social media posts that she had it published in a magazine.

PRS Security

This company was so impressed with the design we did for their business folder that they wanted us to design a sign that will be hung outside every client’s house of their’s. They were so happy with the outcome that they couldn’t even make the decision which of the two designs they would like best

PRS Security

This is a new company that came to us for there company portfolio. We are designing a lot of new things for them but for now here is their business folder which we have designed for them. The company wanted a folder to give to the client with all the relevant information and paper work


This company is the sole distributors of AWS atmospheric water generators in Africa, South-Africa and Australia. We have designed them a Logo, a Brochure and business cards. They are very pleased with the end result as it really captured the natural feel they were after.

Conveyor & Industrial Supplies (CIS)

The client asked us to design his business card for his company. The business card visually gave you an idea on what the company does without reading anything.


ProjectLink Brochure Design Client wanted brochures design for all their training course. We designed the following brochures: Advanced Earned Value Management Course Brochure Agile Course Brochure Applied Project Management Brochure CAPM Certification Preparation Course Certified Cost Professional EVM Combined Introduction to Earned Value Management Microsoft Project 2013 Introduction Microsoft Project 2013 Advanced Primavera P6 Professional Advanced

Geurra Law Firm

Geurre Law Firm Business Cards Client wanted a new look to his corporate identity. He wanted to show they are strong and firm

Medwyze business card

Medwyze Business Card Client’s corporate business card designed to fit the company theme

Brochure templates

Brochure templates Do you need a free brochure template for your business. Brochure templates for events, products, or services. We create and print brochures to give your business a winning, professional image. What we did  

Business mockup

Business mockup Business mockup, our latest psd business card mock-up with a new layout design. This is a free psd business mockup to let you display your next business card design.We added some quality free psd business card mock-up templates for you to download. What we did  

Corporate identity

Corporate identity A corporate identity is the overall image of a corporation, firm or business in the minds of diverse public, such as customers, investors and employees. Our corporate identity packages that will set you apart from the crowd. What we did  

Business cards design

Business cards design We create customized business cards from a range of professionally designed templates. Create custom business cards to build your business. What we did  

Logo templates

Logo templates We offer a huge range of easy to edit logo designs and high quality logo templates. Get one of our professionally designed logo designs today. What we did  

Corporate identity packages

Corporate identity packages Corporate Identity Packages that will set you apart from the crowd! Corporate Identity Set, which includes: a logo design, stationery, web design. What we did