Three Phase Online Marketing Success

When it comes to the fast paced world of Online Marketing, experience and skill are the keys to success. Choosing the right Digital Marketing company is an intricate step in diminishing competition and multiplying profit. Simply put, the quality of your marketing determines the credibility of your online presence.

The Online World is about more than just promotion and sales; it revolves around brand awareness. Once trusted with a brand or product, customers are more likely to purchase what they recognise. Dynamic and efficient marketing stimulates a climate of brand association.

At Dart Digital, our Marketing Strategies revolve around three fundamental pillars;

  • Online Presence
  • Brand Stimulation
  • Brand Association/Awareness

What does this mean?

Our extensive years of experience have equipped us with the three-phase marketing method that will activate your brand in the Online World.

Online Presence – In Phase one, Dart establishes the foundation of your brand on Social Media Networks and introduces it to the community. Content is communicated effectively through a website or channel. Our team of designers and developers weigh up aesthetic appeal against usability.

Brand Stimulation – Once your brand/product has unveiled itself to the world, Dart gets technical and competitive. Phase 2 is about staying ahead of the curve. With carefully calculated strategies, your brand will outrank competition on Google, gain an increasing number of followers on Social Media Platforms and establish a reputation.

Brand Association/Awareness – Alright, Phase 2 got people talking about your brand, now what? Phase 3 is the home-stretch. Sales! Sales! Sales! Take your brand all the way by placing trust in your customers. The key lies in… hold on, we can’t give all our secrets away!

Dart Digital’s Marketing theories and practices have been tried and tested for decades. Our team is made up of only the best designers, developers, strategists and planners.

Our focus? Client satisfaction, growth, diversity and reputation.

Interested? Give us a call! One of our reps will come out for a free consultation (and maybe shed some light on phase 3).