We’re hiring a Social Media Guru

As awesome as the team here at Dart already is, we are looking to make it awesome-r. R u the right candidate?

Read through the following job spec and if you can cross all the i’s and dot all the t’s, then we want you. Send your AMAZE-BALLS cover letter, and CV to getintouch@dartdigital.co.za if you are interested. If we dig you, we might want you to start ASAP so availability must be specified. Salary is negotiable and based on qualifications, experience and awesomeness – Good Luck!

Social Media Content/Community Coordinator

Dart Digital is looking for an exciting and capable Junior to Mid-level Social Media Content and Community Coordinator to join our team in Benoni on the East Rand.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Content creation for the different platforms
  • Copywriting is required for monthly content plans
  • Understanding the different platforms including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube and Twitter
  • Keep up to date with what the new tools are on the platforms
  • Research competitors and industry trends and implement it into the content
  • Responsible for proofreading and proof checking all content before being distributed
  • To come up with strategies, plan, manage and implement all social media activities and calendars
  • An understanding of how to post the content on the different social media platforms

Community Management:

  • Pro-actively manage social media communities.
  • Respond appropriately to user comments and queries with client’s approval and assistance
  • Build FAQ sheets.
  • Manage escalation processes with the client.
  • Manage media spend on the different platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Offer support to the clients to communicate with clients and ensure client satisfaction.
  • Execute work in a timely manner
  • Meet all deadlines whilst producing quality and accurate work
  • Advise on the development of social media applications and running of promotions
  • Stay abreast of current industry trends and technology, creating and updating quarterly reviews Research ideas and study successful competitor’s campaigns and report on these findings

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

  • BA Degree/qualification in social media
  • Minimum of two years’ experience in a similar role with proven track-record
  • Intimate knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of Products, Graphic Design, Multimedia (as well as similar tools)

Preferred skills:

  1. Writing & editing
  2. Understand SEO and the link with social media
  3. Customer service
  4. Design and photo editing
  5. Analytics and reporting
  6. Video creation
  7. Paid social basics
  8. Research and planning
  9. Extensive knowledge of Sprout Social, Buffer or Hootsuite
  10. Facebook Business Manager

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