Does your work life balance with your personal life?

All work and no play? This is on everybody’s minds. We have to work day in and day out and it just feels like your life is escaping you. Unfortunately life will never wait for you. You are one person that has to do a million things and it can be overwhelming and if you don’t have a balance between your work life and your personal life you might just start producing results that aren’t up to standard. YOU are responsible to manage your work-life balance, not anyone else so don’t sit around and wait!

Between layoffs, failing companies, and demanding bosses, everyone seems to be growing more stressed and working longer hours. In the mist of all that uncertainty, it’s important to find a little down time for yourself to keep from snapping or running yourself into the ground.

Here are just a few things you can try to help balance out your life.

1. Schedule Some Down Time.

We all make appointments with either doctors or hair dressers, but do you ever schedule DOWN time for yourself? A night in-front of the TV to recharge your batteries? What about a night out drinking with friends? Or maybe you’re the type to hop online and go dungeon diving with your guild. Anything that makes you happy and relax is something you should always make time for. By scheduling something you look forward to, you wont feel so tired, stressed out, overwhelmed or depressed. Sure you have work on Wednesday, but you’re also going to have fun that evening!

2. Rearrange Your Errands

Rearranging your errands and making more time for yourself can make a huge difference. Maybe you can drop off the dry cleaning and make your grocery list on your way to school to drop off the kids. Can you clean your house more quickly or efficiently by turning the television off? Maybe you will enjoy doing washing more when you have music playing in the background and that could make you work a little bit faster? What about ordering postage online to avoid a trip to the post office? By making the most of the time you spend running errands, you may find you have a lot more time to relax.

3. Develop healthy patterns.

Try to reduce interference. Usually trying to avoid doing something takes up more time than just getting up and just doing it! Adopt the rule of not postponing anything. Do everything only once. If you come back to a task multiple times, that will not only consume a lot of time but will be tiring and distracting as well.

4. Exercise

This is for most people a nightmare. It can be hard to work exercise into a busy schedule, but the fact is, exercise reduces stress and heightens feel-good hormones. Many people find that they are more alert, have better concentration and are more productive when they sneak regular exercise into their lives, even if it’s just a short walk every day. Besides, you will feel healthier and proud of yourself. That’s always a confidence boost!

5. A little relaxation goes a long way.

You don’t have to make dramatic changes to bring balance into your life. Leaving the office earlier one night a week will give you a little extra down time when you really need it. When it comes to adding more fun activities, add them slowly, just one at a time. If you try to pack all of your favorite activities into one week, you may find yourself more stressed than you were before! If you’re having a hard day, take 15 minutes to do breathing exercises, take a bath, listen to music, have a snack, or go on a walk. Anything that will help you de-stress and give you a little boost.

Remember, no matter what anyone else says or thinks, only you know how you really feel. This is your life and should take care of it the best way you can.

Natanya Karow